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Class Policies & Procedures
We all look forward to a successful class, but as with any job, there are rules and policies that must be followed.

1. BE ON TIME ALL THE TIME. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class each day. Any class hours     missed must be made up. If you miss more than thirty you will have to make this time up in the next course. If     you miss any time during the clinical rotation, then you will have to make this up during the next available     rotation. You will receive your certificate when you have made up your missed time. Students are expected to     report to class on time each day. A student will be considered late to class if he/she has not reported to class     by the posted class start time. All students will be required to sign in and out each day of class. Reporting late     to class is considered a serious event and will be handled as per the following policy:
  •    First occurrence – Verbal warning
  •    Second occurrence – Counseling, verbal warning, documentation in student file
  •   Third occurrence – Dismissal from program and documentation in student file
3. ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL AND HELPFUL to the instructor and others in your class. As with any job,     teamwork enables us all to be successful.
4. CELL PHONES, lap top computers and pagers are NOT in the classroom and/or lab. The instructor will     provide you with the facility phone number in the event that your family must reach you IN AN EMERGENCY.     Facility phones are for business use only and are not permitted for personal use.
5. Royal blue scrubs (top and bottom) uniforms are required for class and to attend clinical rotations.
6. Dress appropriately for class, clinical training and any state testing. Practice good hygiene to include keeping     nails trimmed and clean and keeping hair pulled back or tied up.
7.  Avoid any loose jewelry that can be caught or pulled.
8. Tattoos must be covered and piercings removed during class and clinical rotations.
9.   CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Help keep our facility clean and free of debris. If you see that we are short     on supplies or toiletries, please inform the instructor.
10. Children and/or visitors are not allowed in the classroom.
11.  NO CHEATING. Anyone caught cheating, will be expelled from the course.
12. This is a non-smoking facility. Breaks can be taken in the dining area or the front of the building. The front         desk and reception area is NOT a break area.
13. To pass any course you must have an over grade average of 80%. (NATCEP students must also have a         80% on their final exam).Test/Final retakes are the Primary Instructors discretion.
14. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of tuition is due prior to start of class. This deposit holds you seat.                       Balance of tuition is due
  •     Day Program-by close 7th day of NATCEP class.
  •     Evening Program by the close of 10th day of NATCEP class
  •     Saturday Program by the close of the 5th day of NATCEP class
  •     For Train the Trainer, CPR and Medication Admin. before the start of class

Cash, credit card, check or money orders allowed
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