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Case Management
Develop, implement, and evaluate individualized patient care plans.

Act as social workers, advocate patient welfare, and serve as a liaison between patients, their families, and healthcare providers. 

Tasks include:

  • Help you develop a list of appropriate questions for healthcare visits.
  • Follow-up with healthcare members regarding treatment, medications and other services (ordered and/or needed)
  • Discuss alternate living arrangements
  • Assist with placement into Assisted living and long term care placement

As board certified I have the able to demonstrate the experience and knowledge it takes to serve clients with complex challenges and to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with peers in today’s team-based care environment. In addition to the rigorous knowledge and experience base necessary to achieve certification, I am also committed to upholding the professional and ethical standards in the Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers.

Employers, colleagues and policymakers interested in improving health care delivery know the value of board certification. As a member of CCMC. The Commission supports board-certified case managers with educational tools and re-certification to help me continue to advance knowledge and leadership role in the expanding case management landscape.

Board-certified case managers have a role to play in influencing the changing health care policy horizon as well. 

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