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RN Associates  
 RN and Associates came about as a result of a group of nurses and staff being laid off. The work that was being done was so important to the faculty and staff that they continued to work at the facility for months without pay. They wanted to make sure students were able to complete their training and education. As a result of the hard work of the students, faculty and staff many completed school. The students completed training, passed the nursing test and became employed. This was a dream for many, that was reached due to dedication.

After the facility closed, some of the staff decided to continue this needed training for nurse aides. So was formed RN and Associates.

Mission Statement

To increase employment opportunities and professionalism through education and training.

To graduate students that understands the importance of their position within the healthcare team.
   Program Coordinator-STATE EVALUATOR
   Program Coordinator-RN TRAINER FOR
  STATE OF OHIO (Trains other RN's to each the 
  NATCEP program)
  Years of experience teaching the programs
  97%Completion Rate
RN Associates ® 245 Northland Blvd. Cincinnati,OH 45246
RN Associates ® 245 Northland Blvd. Cincinnati,OH 45246