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Medication Administration-DODD
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Approved


This series of courses are taught by trained Nurses who teach direct support professionals how to administer oral, eye, ear, topical, and nasal medications.

Medication Administration I demonstrates performance of health-related activities and mediation preparation, administration, and documentation for each route of medication administration presented in the 14 hour course. A 2 hour renewal courses is also offered for Medication I.

Medication Administration II provides training on how to administer and document administering, feedings, cleaning, and medication through G/J tubes. A 4 hour G/J tube and 1 hour renewal courses are available.

Medication Administration III teaches the signs, symptoms, and management of diabetes, and administering, and documentation of subcutaneous insulin injections.A 4 hour class.


18 years of age
Valid Government Issued ID
​Working for DODD company or Independent Provider
Medication Administration Testing (OBN)
Ohio Board of Nursing Approved
Medication Administration Certified (Ma-C Program)


A certified medication aide shall administer prescription medications only at the delegation of a nurse to residents of nursing homes and residential care facilities. A certified medication aide, to whom the task of medication administration is delegated, may administer oral medications, topical medications, medications administered as nasal spray, or as drops, or ointment to a resident’s eye, ear, or nose; rectal and vaginal medications; or inhalants delivered by inhalers, nebulizers, or aerosols that allow for a single dose of a fixed, pre-measured amount of medication.

This five-week, 120-hour course is comprised of 80 hours of classroom instruction which includes didactic lecture and laboratory training in addition to 40 hours of clinical training at a skilled nursing facility, completion of the course the candidate must submit an application to the Ohio Board of Nursing and undergo a civil and Federal background check. Furthermore, results from the COMPASS Placement Test for Math and Reading must be submitted for entrance into the Medication Aide Program. If a Certified Medication Aide is employed by a residential care facility and will be administering medications to residents, he/she must obtain a minimum of one year direct care experience. If the applicant seeks to administer medication to residents at a nursing home, he/she must first at least be an STNA.
Fee of $600 does not include state  test nor books.


At least eighteen years of age;
Have a high school diploma or a high school equivalence diploma
Have successfully completed their STNA classes and passed their STNA state examination (if the applicant is to function as a certified medication aide in a nursing home)
If the applicant is to function as a certified medication aide in a residential care facility the applicant must be either have at least one year of direct care experience in a residential care facility or be an STNA.
Medication Administration-Certification OBN
RN Associates ® 245 Northland Blvd. Cincinnati,OH 45246
Certification 1 

* January 9th - January 10th
* January 30th - January 31st

10:00am - 2:00pm
Certification 2

* January 14th

Certification 3

* January 23rd 
 10:00am - 2:00pm
Certification 1,2,3 Renewals

Every  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

10:00am - 12:00pm


80 HOUR COURSE + 40 Hour Clinicals

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9:00am - 2:00pm